Passionate About Cars

The Malcolm Waite Drivers Club

We don't accept many applications into our drivers club. We control all of our vehicle movements and only use our in-house team of drivers. We have cultivated this team over the years and are always on the look out for the next member of the Drivers Club.


Our in-house Drivers Club is the only way for Malcolm Waite to truly control our vehicle logistics. This way we can look after our and your cars in the best way possible. We can also be very flexible with delivery and collection times as our drivers only report to us. Our Drivers Club is made up of people passionate about cars who want to spend their time doing something they love. This is not a job for them and most of our the Drivers club are actually retired from professional life and are choosing to spend as much time with cars as they can.



We offer free national delivery for all of our cars sold. Our Drivers Club are all given PPE and Sanitisation wipes to wipe down all touch points of any vehicle they delivery to a customer. We are now regularly delivering vehicles all over the country and we confident in our approach which is very well received by our customers.

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