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Founded in 1976 and still a family owned and run business Malcolm Waite is proud to run by its second generation. We believe in keeping our customers completely satisfied.


Malcolm Waite starts his business in Sandwich supplying used cars. Malcolm would buy the vehicles, clean them, sell them and do all of the administration by hand himself. This small start gave Malcolm a grounding in the importance of every element of car retailing. A focus on high standards in all of these elements saw Malcolm's cars sales grow and grow.​

February 1976

Harnet Motor Carriage


As part of an expanding business and wanting to further improve the level of preparation of his used cars Malcolm purchase Delf Coach Works. This enabled Malcolm to carry out paintwork and body work correction.​

September 1976

Delf Coach Works


Malcolm Waite Ltd started life as Harnet Motor Carriage operating out of what is still our head office and new car showroom, Harnet House in Sandwich. Founded by Malcolm Waite, in 1976, on the premises of supplying high quality used cars with exceptional customer service the business soon became popular. Wanting to ensure all used cars supplied were of a highest quality Malcolm purchased the Old Delf Coachworks to provide paint shop facilities only seven months after he set up the business. That was in 1976 and to this day our focus on used car preparation is as high as ever and is something we have built a reputation for.

Things have moved on since then, The Old Coachworks has now been converted into housing and our paint shop and vehicle preparation centre is now located at Market Hall on Moat Sole. The business grew to take on a Ford and Lancia Franchise as well as a petrol station/service centre and a used car site all in Sandwich.

In July 1979 the business was incorporated as Malcolm Waite Ltd with Malcolm Waite appointed as Managing Director and Colin Waite (Malcolm’s brother) appointed as Technical Director. In 1993 Malcolm Waite Ltd expanded out of Sandwich into Deal to 9 Park Avenue where it still operates today as a Ford Franchise.

As a family owned and operated business Malcolm Waite Ltd was happy to have Aynsley Waite (Malcolm’s son) and Chris Waite (Colin’s son) join the business in 2013. The business now focuses on the sale of highly prepared used car, new Ford cars and the maintenance of vehicles through our service centres. We still believe in delivering exceptional customer service and this is has been core to our business since day one. So if you value service and expertise as highly as we do then please come and see us to find out how we can help. 

February 1983

Galliard Street


Market Hall freehold purchased.

September 1988

Delf Coach Works


Park Avenue Motors purchased in opened Malcolm Waite into a new town for the first time.

September 1993

Park Avenue Motors Deal


Having long been a tenant at 88 New Street it was a important purchase to acquire the freehold. This has been the basis of all our used car preparation until the current day. As our primary Service Centre this is the heart of our quality control and used car preparation.

May 1996

Delf Coach Works


Dover Used Car Centre was purchased in December and marked the first acquisition by Malcolm Waite since the second generation joined the business. This opens Malcolm Waite to a wider audience and serves another town within East Kent. Due to the proximity to our existing sites it is easy to manage quality control and keep a keen eye on vehicle preparation. Not only this but the Service Centres in Sandwich and Deal are close enough for any vehicle servicing or maintenance for our Dover customers.

December 2019

Dover Used Car Centre
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