One of the many benefits of having your vehicle serviced with an Authorised Ford Service Repairer is that you get to benefit from Service Activated Roadside Assistance or as we call it SARA.

SARA is for Ford Cars only.

What is it?

For Ford car owners we can offer free Roadside Assistance which is run through our partnership with The AA to cover you up until your next service is due. For most people this will be a full 12 months cover but if you are doing higher mileage then you will need to keep an eye on your service schedule to keep you covered.

How Do I Get SARA?

All you need to do to get SARA is to have a scheduled Ford service at either of our Service Centres in Sandwich or Deal. It's that easy!

But I Have a 24 month Service Schedule?

No need to worry, we've got that covered. If your car has a 24 month service interval then we offer a Convenience Check which is perfect for you. On the year that the vehicle does not require a service our Convenience Check will activate the SARA cover as well as validating your paint guaranteed.

What's The Level of Cover?

SARA gives you access to the AA’s full entitlement of roadside benefits in the UK and Europe which include:

- Roadside

- Home-Start

- National Recovery

- Onward Travel

If you do need to use the Roadside Assistance all you need to do is call one of the Ford Assist numbers below.

From the UK
Tel: 0203 564 4444

From abroad
Tel: 00800 88 77 66 11 or +33 426 298781


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