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price includes full showroom valet, application, guarantee and aftercare kit

Authorised Autoglym(TM) Lifeshine Agent

A Liftetime of Flawless Shine & Superior Protection

Our dedicated valeting team have been trained and authorised by Autoglym to supply and apply the Lifeshine paint and fabric product. Please note vehicles will need to have a valet carried out by ourselves before the product can be applied and the vehicle will be kept overnight as part of the application product.


Autoglym(TM) Lifeshine Paint & Fabric Protection

We are authorised to Supply & Apply what we believe to be the best product on the market for Paint & Fabric Protection following our own market research and trial testing period. We offer this to both car sales customers and the general public who want to protect their investment.

This Paint & Fabric Protection differs from most other paint applications because it is a carbon-based polymer that bonds to the car. Our valeters have been trained and certificated to apply the product to the exterior and interior of the vehicle. This process takes time and can only be applied after the car has been thoroughly cleaned by our team beforehand which is part of the service. This ultra-smooth coating to the surface means you never have to reapply a ‘top-up' coat again. This protects your vehicle against atmospheric contaminates and UV rays ensuring your bodywork stays in its best possible condition.

The interior fabric protector stops spills becoming stains as the fabric will no longer adsorb liquids once it has been coated and a treatment is added to the glass to offer improved vision in the rain.

Once applied the product has a unique barcode which is registered online, giving you a lifetime guarantee and you will be issued with kit of Autoglym products to maintain and enhance the appearance of your car.

*from £555 inc vat

price includes Full Showroom Valet, Autoglym Lifeshine Application, Autoglym Aftercare Kit and Life time guarantee if vehicle is under 3 years old at point of application.

*Price is dependant on vehicle size as Full Showroom Valet prices are variable.

We take pride in offering this service to our customers, and our team of experienced professionals ensures that the process is carried out meticulously. If you're interested in our Autoglym Lifeshine or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd be happy to provide further details and schedule an appointment. Your satisfaction and the well-being of your vehicle are our top priorities.

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